Let c be c but get rid of the Speed Limit

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Physics

OK I am at the point where I have to let go the idea that the speed of light is variable.(Still is strange that the experts say that light can go faster than the speed of light though.”If a laser beam is swept quickly across a distant object, the spot of light can move faster than c“)  But I do believe a Relativistic Velocity(v+c) should be included in e=mc2 such as e=mrv2. By removing relativistic mass we get rid of the idea of the mass shooting up to infinity. So far my view on the Lorentz transformation is that it is the perfect math to create an optical illusion much like a child’s toy that spins a light around in a circle or the way a cars wheels look like they are moving backwards on film. I do not think that it takes into account the fact that nothing is stationary in space time. And at its heart it states “The Lorentz transformation describes only the transformations in which the spacetime event at the origin is left fixed.” Space Time is always moving forward. So if an event happened it must take some time to occur. So I do not believe we are going to ever get time travel in the reverse in any frame of reference. You can step out of a frame and experience time dilution but at no point is time moving backwards. And I now believe that the study in 1999 did not show that the speed of light was faster just that space time was compressed.

This has been very intellectually stimulating and I appreciate the input I have been given to help me navigate the complexities of these topics. Best to all.

  1. Jose Hernandez says:

    The only thing faster than light is The Universe. It is expanding outward much faster than the speed of light and I think that it is because near the outside of the galaxy, the laws of physics as we know them are different. Since matter is thinner there, the properties of matter don’t have as great affect and I think our probing into dark matter within the next several hundreds of years will be extremely pivotal in discovering whats going on in that region of space.


  2. jetsrock says:

    Thanks for the comment. I believe that the laws as we now know them may have been built on false assumptions. Mainly the restriction that comes from the Lorentz transformation being used to construct his axiom. And from my reading there are also microwaves that travel greater than the speed of light. And I do believe CERN will reproduce their results and hopefuly before then one of the scientists that I have contacted will back me up.

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