From AP — Lab heads wary on super-fast particle finding

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Physics

Why wouldn’t they be? They have worked their whole lives believing it was impossible. It would be nice to know when and if anyone else is going to run the same experiment. So far just trying to get someone to give me a straight answer as to why nothing can go faster than c has been difficult. If it is that they inferred from Lorentz that since nothing can travel back in time then nothing can go faster than c then I think they are wrong. I got one reply on Huffington that told me the Great One actually used experimental results. Now that is an experiment I would love to see.

From what I read I am not the first person to disagree with relative mass either. It’s not like I am knocking Space Time and e=mc2 at rest. I just have an issue with Time Dilution not being continuous and the use of a relativistic mass versus a relativistic velocity. Time dilution has only been proven at relatively slow speeds. And the same thing holds true for e=mc2.
So unless either Patrick Takahashi is able to get his friend to investigate this or I am lucky enough to get a grad student who is intellectually curious, this blog will languish here until they either do it again or not. All in all I am a huge fan of Patrick for not just dismissing me like many in the field do. Science should be more of a democracy than a club. But nothing really has changed about that for centuries.

  1. Einstein’s postulate that the speed of light is universally constant is probably wrong. The speed of light has been clocked only at the surface of planet Earth (where the scientists live). Now, neutrinos have been clocked “breaking the light barrier.” But what if the speed of light underground (where the gravity field is a little weaker) is slightly greater? Then neutrinos traveling at the speed of light would seem to break the “light barrier.” I agree with your conclusion that relativity is rife with optical illusions.

  2. jetsrock says:

    Thank you so much for commenting Matthew. I was starting to think it was sacrilegious to question anything about Physics. I have asked a couple of University Physics Clubs to look into this. I really don’t think the old guard is going to do anything. It just seems more reasonable to think you could go faster than c than to think if you did you would go back in time. Best!

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