An Object Oriented Universe

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Physics

Coming from a programming background I can’t help but wonder if the Universe is Object Oriented? Space time being the 4 dimensional fabric and Mass being it’s primary Object. And instead of Energy being its own object/class it is just one of many attributes(sub class) of Mass. Without Mass there is no Energy. In fact without Mass you can not even detect or create Energy. So instead of making them equivalent and separate we should start to look at creating a more robust Class of Mass that takes into effect all possible forms of Energy as well as other attributes such as velocity, composition, size etc… Looks like its time to break out the C# Xbox 360 libraries.

10/16/2011 I just sent an email to Jacky JEROME the author of the site. I really like the way he thinks. I have what is probably a stupid question but I look forward to his response. As I start to develop my first game/visualization I want to mimic the effect of light bending around an object in space time. As I see it it looks like the light moves away from the closed volume. Who knows maybe his answer will get me to fully understand closed volumes versus mass.  But for now it made me question why wouldn’t light bend farther away from a black hole instead of falling into it. Is it possible black holes are tears in space time. Light’s version of a a sonic boom.

10/18/2011 OK after asking Jacky JEROME about his theory I started to think about how I would write code to show how it works. And he has offered to help me get it straight.  I think I may have helped him prove he is right. Normally light bends around(away from)  celestial objects. This would be counter intuitive to thinking that gravity would bend light inwards at a black holes if it was the effect of mass. But if space-time is actually effected by closed volume like Jacky says it would make much more sense that a volume collapsing onto itself would create the required warp in space-time to force light inward. If it were just an effect of gravity and mass I would imagine light would not bend inwards. And since all the smart people tell me light has no mass what would the gravity be acting on anyway.

10/20/2011 I really think I need to just start coding. Jacky’s idea of closed volume is very interesting to me. He states it as f(x,y,z,t).  And since volume is relational to its medium I want to understand whether gravitational lensing is based on mass or a function of volume or both. \theta = \frac{4GM}{rc^2} If an imploding star’s mass increases the effect of gravitational lensing should increase as the mass increases. But instead if the light is drawn inward toward the center like I would expect it to be then it is a function of a decreasing  f(x,y,z,t) which would allow for the light to be forced inward. And if the energy of the implosion is so great I would expect x,y,z to over shoot equilibrium and move negative. And as recent as 2004 Stephen Hawking stated he believed that black holes may be temporary. Which if it were all based on mass and gravity that would seem to break the laws of conservation. I still have a lot to do but I am really liking the idea of an Object Oriented Universe based on closed volumes. Not just Mass and Energy. It maybe that the density defined as d= m/v is a key factor. Or d = m/f(x,y,z,t). For an implosion you would have a negative density. Just what you would expect. But it may require some kind of change like e=POS(m/f(x,y,z,t))c2. Way to soon for that but just trying to get the black hole thing figured out will be fun enough.


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