Calling All Crazies and Hopefully Some Open Minded Geniuses to put us Straight

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Physics

I do not mind being wrong but from what I have seen over the last few months is that there are so many really smart people out there that are unable to even imagine that something they have read in an old text book could possibly be wrong. I started a new word press site To hopefully get a few more crazies out there to post science postulates and axioms that may have been used to create questionable established science. My new hobby is to create an Object Oriented Universe. I would love to create a game/visualization to put together all this. Ideally we would keep it as close to the actual establishment of a theory based on postulates. And at it’s heart will be providing possible alternatives to questionable postulates. If we are lucky maybe even common sense could play a role.


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