Great Video on the Hubble Site

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Physics
Makes you wonder what would forces the light from both ends. Just mass creating the curvature of spacetime would make it seem to me that nothing should escape. But if the force of a closed volume effecting spacetime could take into account an implosion plus a tunneling effect of the spinning then it might make more sense.

I am trying to create a game/visualization and I have light traveling through spacetime along the curve around the mass just like you would expect with the gravitational lensing equation\theta = \frac{4GM}{rc^2}
So I am then trying to see what would happen if the Mass shoots up as I would expect for a super massive black hole. But to me the light would travel/bend further away due to the gravitational lensing. If the curvature was a result of a function of the closed volume(x,y,z,t), and there was an implosion I would expect to see the light curving inward. I could imagine over the delta of t that x,y,z could even over shoot equilibrium and become negative. Has light been conclusively shown to curve farther away from the center of a black hole as you would expect with a gravitation lensing effect base solely on mass? I really appreciate you taking the time.


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