Proving Eisntein

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Physics

This is a great site. I wish I could see tests done by Voyager 1 or 2 showing the same results for planets. Everything I have read so far deals with radioactive mass. And I would suspect the radioactive properties could easily slow or lens the light or radio wave. Especially for galaxies it seems far easier to add up the cumulative radiation than to see a total effect of multiple solar systems masses warping space-time in such a way as to create gravitational lensing for a galaxy. I just started digging out all my old math text books and also digging into F# and the MS Solver foundation. Its going to take me some time just to get the cob webs out but I think I’ll go back to where I started and play around with the Lorentz transformation allowing for a relative time shift of the fourth dimension of the original observer position. Not that it deals with this exact topic but it still perplexed me that anyone would think that any event could occur anywhere independant of frame without some elapsed time occurring everywhere. It just seems to contradict the term relative.

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