God Particle — CERN set to report probable Higgs sighting this week — Robert Evans

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Physics

I do not know enough about this topic but it intrigues me that they are now looking for it at lower mass levels and expect to find it there. Does that mean they are stepping back from what they believed would be a relativistic mass calculation based of e=mc2 solving for velocity originally to now accepting it is based on acceleration? Quote from Robert Even’s article “Its discovery, if eventually confirmed and especially if it is at the low mass levels where bloggers are saying ATLAS and CMS have found it, would open the way to what CERN calls the “New Physics” of super-symmetry and dark matter.” I have emailed multiple scientists at CERN and my blog has had over a thousand views. It would be interesting if this proves my hypothesis. Time will tell.


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