Europe’s Particle Physicists to Plan New Future Strategy —

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Physics

With CERN having new evidence (even though not validated) that 1) That matter can travel faster than the speed of light and 2) The Higgs-Boson was found at a lower mass level than previously thought. The Particle Physicists of Europe have decided to regroup next year to decide what direction they are going to now pursue. This all points to my theory that relativistic mass can only be solved for acceleration and not velocity being valid. (Debated on’s FB wall. See below for link.) It seems like it would be logical for the astrophysicists to also regroup to see what this does to our understanding of the Universe and to take a good look at any theories that are based on 1 there being a speed limit and two that relativistic mass can explain things it shouldn’t be used for.

  1. Scott Ryan says:

    the Higgs-Boson is ball. any god thing must = o.

    dark matter must be the way to brake the speed of light.

    the universe is expanding faster and faster, but is not giving of energy. that means if dark matter is 70% energy, 70% energy must brake the speed of light.

    if not dark matter is wrong.

  2. jetsrock says:

    Thanks for the comment Ryan. Not sure I follow or agree but I do appreciate you taking the time. Best Wishes

  3. I just added your web page to my bookmarks. I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you!

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