DIY Physics — Hijacked and Denied

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Physics

I read a great article on DIY Physics on the Great quote “To Wertheim, this means that “humanity’s dialogue with the physical world has been hijacked by a group of experts who are trying to deny the rest of us participation in the conversation.”

The strange thing is it is from this unwillingness to allow others in that they have taken what was originally an outsider’s idea and misinterpreted it for 100 years. It’s time to let someone in that isn’t spoiled by the entanglement of the academic process of progression up to the understanding of their elders and only through a strict adherence.

Truly understanding 4d does not come from quadratic equations but the willingness to read actual words that were written and to have an imagination to see things as they were envisioned to be.  I just love this quote “ALL OF THE LAWS OF PHYSICS are the same for every inertial observer.” and the one that states it is impossible to tell if you are at rest or at a constant velocity. And yet we continue to place restrictions on other World lines based on our own observations.

Here is an old school example of two Observers A,B and a train. But let’s also throw in two equally fast world class sprinters. S1 and S2. Both have a constant and maximum 100 yard sprint time of 10 seconds. Sprinter S1 is going to run on a track next to the train track. Sprinter S2 is going to run on a long rail car being pulled by a train going 10 yards per second. Observer A is on the ground and Observer B is on the rail car. When S1 is alongside S2 the race begins. In ten seconds Observer A has timed and observed S1 to have run 100 yards in 10 seconds. Observer B has also Observer S2 run 100 yards on the rail car in 10 seconds. But Observer A observed S2 to have covered actually 200 yards in A’s World Line during the same time. This is a very simple example but it gets to the heart of 4d spacetime. And it screams to me that x,y,z,t are relative and more specifically relevant to only inertial World lines.  But time and time again we state things are forced and limited by the observers inertial World Line. But this is not the case.

And I would like to once and for all put to bed the idea of if you could travel faster than the speed of light you could travel around the world and get back to the original location before you left. For one thing this may be fine to hypothesize this with numbers but the last time I checked the world is round. And light travels in a straight line. And anything traveling this fast would surely reach its escape velocity and be shoot into outer-space in a straight line if no other force were acting upon it. And to even go there you must assume that the original location was such a magical place that no time could occur while this trip was going on. (Please see earlier post on Harry Potter.) I just wish the experts would go back and re-read and open their minds. There is still time for most of them to use their brilliance to give of us all a correct view and understanding based on a real understanding not a faulted one. Force = mass times acceleration. Atomic Energy= mass times the acceleration of the speed of light squared.  Both Force and Energy are relevant and relative to the inertial observers World Lines.


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