Can observations limit events?

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Physics

I would say no. And if you are to read the words of special relativity and if you are to believe that there is no aether and no one common inertial frame of reference, it seems clear that observations should not limit events. Now observations can be limited, but not events. In fact the observation of light is limited to c for all inertial observers. But events occurring outside an inertial frame of the observer are in no way governed by the Laws of Physics that govern the observer’s frame. Isn’t that what relativity is all about? Physical Laws are frame specific. Objects at rest within an observer’s frame or that are being accelerating from within an observers frame all fall under these rules. Once an object reaches a constant velocity. It is now within its own World Line and no longer governed by the Physical Laws of the initial object’s frame or World Line. Observations of the object from the initial frame are limited. But  its Physical Laws are now governed by its new World Line. This is Relativity and Space Time for me.

I understand “spooky” things can happen at the quantum level. I like this guys site

But I am not speaking about observations controlling events from the same World Line. But instead observations from one World Line limiting events in a different World Line.


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