An Optical Illusion has led us astray

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Physics

After reading quite a few articles about how CERN is backing off the neutrinos moving faster than the speed of light and arguing with a Sheldon Cooper clone I am going to make one last statement before CERN powers up at higher energy levels this spring or summer and the results will force more people to take another look. My hypothesis states that AE may have made a mistake, albeit to me not that big of one. It concerns a logical fallacy they believed to be true by using a Lorentz Transformation to state nothing can go faster than the speed of light. I have been blogging about this for a few months and I have thousands of hits on my site.(Thanks for reading :-)) To really make it simple to understand what they based their “axiom” on is no more than an optical illusion similar to the way car’s wheel seems to move backwards when shown in movies. It is not entirely the same thing but basically the wheels are moving faster than the observations frames speed so they appear to be moving backwards. This is what they are saying when they use a Lorentz Transformation with fixed observation frame. In effect they are saying you could not have multiple revolutions per a given time span or multiple hertz. We all know this to be wrong. I blame Lorentz and it was his paper that used velocity instead of acceleration and he even uses the term “boost” in velocity which in the old days when I was taking college physics we called that acceleration.

I would like to thank Major General Bolden for actually responding to my emails and forwarding along my idea to a couple high level scientists at NASA. Whether I am proven right or not that really means a lot to me.


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