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Posted: March 21, 2012 in Physics
Dear Richard,
Thank you so much for your submission.
 We are planning to have an event similar to this suggestion called Faster than Light Neutrinos? I will be sure to send your email along to the Chair of the event as well. He may like to see it as he prepares for the event in June.
 Kind regards,
The Cheltenham Science Festival Team 
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 Subject: Science Submissions Form [#40]
Name Richard Gillespie
Your suggestion
I would think CERN might be interested in funding an Event debating why scientist believe the speed of light is a speed limit on the speed of mass in our universe. I believe they have already created events that have relative velocities well in excess of the speed of light. And even though they are questioning the validity of the satellite timing of the neutrinos, the fact that they belief that there is a limit is based on a logical fallacy. They use a Lorentz Transformation that has a static observation frame. Which common sense tells you is impossible. Even recent experiments cloaking time say it would take a device 18,600 miles long to cloak an event for a whole second. The head Administrator of NASA has responded to me and sent my hypothesis to leading NASA scientists and I hope a new common sense approach will fix the last 100 years of error.
Is there a particular target audience?
Further information
“ALL OF THE LAWS OF PHYSICS are the same for every inertial observer.”

In particular, ”The speed of light is the SAME for all inertial observers, regardless of the motion of the source.”

In other words, “no physical experiment (mechanical, electromagnetic, optical—or any physical law whatsoever) can distinguish between a state of absolute rest and a state of constant velocity.”

And the definition of inertia from

Physics .a. the property of matter by which it retains its state of rest or its velocity along a straight line so long as it is not acted upon by an external force.

“To find the real origin of the concept of relativistic mass you have to look back to the earlier papers of Lorentz. In 1904 Lorentz wrote a paper “Electromagnetic Phenomena in a System Moving With Any Velocity Less Than That of Light.””

Especially knowing even Einstein was backing of E=mc2 for anything but mass at rest. And I believe that Minkowski’s Spacetime is a true 4d Universe. How can we even consider a Lorentz’s transformtaion with a frame at rest and the use of the word velocity like it refers to some absolute time and or reference point. Quoting Minkowski from “A point of space at a point of time, that is, a system of values, x, y, x, t, I will call a world-point. The multiplicity of all thinkable x, y, x, t systems of values we will christen the world… Not to leave a yawning void anywhere, we will imagine that everywhere and everywhen there is something perceptible. To avoid saying “matter” or “electricity” I will use for this something the word “substance”. We fix our at tention on the substantial point which is at the world-point x, y, x, t, and imagine that we are able to recognize this substantial point at any other time. Let the variations dx, dy, dz of the space co-ordinates of this substantial point correspond to a time element dt. Then we obtain, as an image, so to speak, of the everlasting career of the substantial point, a curve in the world, a world-line, the points of which can be referred unequivocally to the parameter t from – oo to + oo. The whole universe is seen to resolve itself into similar world-lines, and I would fain anticipate myself by saying that in my opinion physical laws might find their most perfect expression as reciprocal relations between these world-lines. [1, p. 76]“


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