Holding out a little hope. But it looks like the Universe is a whole lot more boring than I imagined.

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Physics

A new reply to an old post on space .com

  • Ralph Huntington ·  Top Commenter · Principal at Huntington Research Inc
    ” After 2 seconds Object A would be almost 4 times the distance light travels in one second away from object B”
    Even so, that doesn’t mean either object has traveled faster than light because each object would have traveled only half the total distance.
  • Rick Gillespie ·

    Ralph Huntington Thanks Ralph I am giving in. But my point was that velocity is relative to the observer. To say they only traveled half the distance is to say that you are observing from the center location. I have had a couple really great physicists explain to me the warping of space time very well in respect to two objects traveling at each other. Or in respect to their forward projection. I am waiting for a particular Professor Matt to explain to me about the warping of space-time as it relates to space in the opposite direction the objects are traveling. Icarus has gone a long way to taking this out of the debate zone as my friend Prof Matt has explained to me. I just really enjoyed the idea of a universe without limits. But it looks like that isn’t the case and Einstein was right to say we really have one universal limit regardless of the observers frame of reference. Kind of counter intuitive to relativity but hey it is what it is.
    I really appreciate Prof Matt S taking the time to reply to my comments but I still can not get out of my mind that physical laws are restricted to an observer’s frame of reference. Even when Icarus and Opera totally agree that the neutrinos never went faster than the speed of light, that just proves that from within our frame of reference Einstein nailed it. But does that therefore mean that all events are limited by our frame of reference? Can relativity and this co-exist? Is the size of the universe calculated from E=MC2 based on our frame of reference? Or the center of the Bang or any of the billions upon billions of solar systems moving in outwardly directions at speeds up to 99.999 the speed of light from the center’s frame of reference? Particle Physicists love the spookiness of their field but do they ever look at any frame other than their own? I will continue to hold out hope that our Universe is truly more relative and as a result a place that can truly be explored. But now that this is not even really going to be allowed to be debated I will step back and look for fun exploring other paths of thought.
    Best to all 🙂

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