Causality and prohibition of motion faster than light — It is just plain wrong!

Posted: February 28, 2013 in Physics

I still can not back away from this. I find it to be wrong and misleading. As I stated earlier the use of a Lorentz Transformation with a time axis that is static as all other axes move forward is the basis for this error. And even if our best particle accelerators can not push matter faster than the speed of light it doesn’t mean anything. Since I do believe that if the power is stopped in the accelerator the particles do NOT continue forward at a constant velocity.  But if matter was accelerated in space and the propulsion was turn off the matter would continue at a constant velocity. And to any observer on this matter they would appear to be motionless. So if more propulsion was then applied the speed would increase without limitations except to how fast it could accelerate  Not its velocity as compared to its original starting point.

Please let it go and start trying to understand the universe is not tethered to our frame of reference.



  1. Gill says:

    I think that they did not exceeded the speed of light with a particle accelerator because the particles are accelerated with an external field that is propagating with the speed of light,

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