Speed of Light May Not Be Constant, Phycisists Say — LiveScience.com

Posted: April 29, 2013 in Physics

If both time and space are relative than it is a given that the velocity of light must be relative to the observers world line. And the consequences of traveling faster than the speed of light is all based on a lie/mistake. You can not have a Lorentz Transformation with the observer frame not moving forward in time.

This train of thought brings me back to when I first stated this. And I was told the fact they are relative makes the velocity of the speed of light a constant. To them that was the point. But after countless hours of investigating this  and in the process finding a glowing error in a pivotal assumption of causality the only true point is that a single world lines observation is the truth within the confines of that world line.  Each observer with respect to their own world line will observe c to be close enough to a constant given slight medium variations to give it the term ‘Constant’.  But the point is you can not compare apples to oranges and one world line’s observation is not unequivocally the same as an others.  So A is B and B is C so A is C is not true when crossing world lines…


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