Visualizing the 4th dimension. A place where X,Y,Z and Time(T) are absolute.

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Physics

To me a Lorentz Transformation describing motion over time for a single measurable observed event must and only can occur in one World Line.( x,y,z,t ) And it has been proven that these coordinates are not absolute and they can vary from one World Line to the next. But is it possible the real universe consists of one absolute X,Y,Z, and T that contains an infinite number of relative world lines. On the popular show “Looking Through the Worm Hole” they showed a couple of physicists that have a somewhat similar theory.  But I do not believe they have fully described their views. What if there was an absolute Time and what is the relationship between ours and it?

I really wish we could see more advanced visuals that would simulate a 4 dimension world. I know it is hard to comprehend since we can not really visualize anything greater than a 3d world.  If you can imagine a 1 dimensional world of a line, I would state motion within it is actually x,t. And a two dimensional world is not just x,y but x,y,t. And three dimensions is and always will be x,y,z,t.

But to start to visualize multiple World Lines including our own within a larger Universal Cube were there exists an Absolute Time (T) that our relative time (t) and all other world line’s t share. And if this is the case, can any measurement that we make to map the entire universe be based on our WL’s x,y,z,t that may have altered over time based on our velocity and or acceleration relative to the true Original Singularity’s Universal Time? Is it possible to understand what the true absolute values of X,Y,Z,T are?


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