Interesting Big Think Article on Dark Matter Experiment

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Physics

from (

I believe that e=mc2 is just an equation for the transformation of mass to energy and energy into mass. I am not so sure about assuming all the energy and mass in the universe came from one singularity. e=mc2 is a transformation process that has always been occurring both ways since the beginning of time. Whenever that was. The Higgs boson does not give us anything more than an ingredient or byproduct of the transformation of energy to mass. No one has provided that dark matter exists and I for one hope it stays that way. Things that exist in the quantum world do not need to have one to one manifestations in the larger dimension. So for me the cat is either dead or alive and it is not both. No matter what the spooky world of quantum mechanics comes up with.

If e=mc2 is just a transformation equation then the speed of light may not be a barrier as previously thought. Anyway this goes it is fun learning more. I would hope Occam’s good ole razor would come out from the tool box and be sharpened now and again.


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