Just crazy enough to dream


I read about your organization and it peeked my interest. I believe I have found an error in our understanding of relativistic mass which would remove the speed of light as a barrier. My blog is https://jetsrock.wordpress.com. I also believe I have an idea for a new propulsion system that works similar to a circular rail gun. As the mass is sent around the rail it would be connected to a center pole via an arm like structure. Having two arms/masses moving in opposite directions the speed and location would be controlled via a computer. Having the rail attraction located above and to the outside of the outer mass of the arms would provide for upward and outward pull. No need for any SciFi just good old fashion Isaac Newton math and we have our own UFO propulsion with no speed limits.

It hit me watching a rerun about Nazi UFO tech that they mentioned the Nazi Bell had two masses rotating in opposite directions. Maybe they were onto something there. Also I am preparing to go on a podcast and discuss my view about the speed of light not being a speed limit. The more I research this the more it seems like I am right. My biggest problem is that I shouldn’t use the words “Relativistic Mass”. They knew that smelled and they have been trying to bury it for years. But it is from the original use of it that it was stated that there was no amount of energy that could be applied to get mass to exceed the speed of light. But to move from the mechanical view to Minkowski 4d spacetime makes me even more certain that you can not have a frame at rest. And the biggest problem looks  like they let Lorentz join their party and he introduced the word “velocity” and it stuck. So the people who believe that there is an absolute time/reference point or Galileo’s Spacetime can allow for a any 4 dimensional frame to be at rest. Otherwise if we truly believe in Einstein and Minkowski we all should dispute Lorentz and the idea of any frame being at rest. It doesn’t hurt that they have current experiments cloaking events by altering time either.

Very good links http://www.phy.syr.edu/courses/modules/LIGHTCONE/minkowski.html

— http://www.weburbia.com/physics/mass.html

— “Einstein’s conventions and interpretations were sometimes ambivalent and varied a little over the years, however examination of Einstein’s papers and books on relativity show that he almost never used relativistic mass himself. Whenever the symbol m for mass appears in his equations it is always invariant mass. He did not introduce the notion that the mass of a body increases with velocity, just that it increases with energy content. The equation E = mc2 was only meant to be applied in the rest frame of the particle.”

— “To find the real origin of the concept of relativistic mass you have to look back to the earlier papers of Lorentz. In 1904 Lorentz wrote a paper “Electromagnetic Phenomena in a System Moving With Any Velocity Less Than That of Light.””


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